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Reasons for Bad Breath from the Stomach

Bad breath is a normal problem experienced by many individuals and it is commonly caused by germs that accumulate inside the mouth.bad breath from the stomach However, bad breath is also associated with other conditions such as stomach problems. Bad breath from the stomach is not very common but can still cause problems. Nonetheless, there are cases shown that bad breath could occur due to stomach issues.

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How does bad breath relate to the stomach? The stomach is commonly where all the food consumed ends up to be processed and turned into nutrients that the body can utilize. The stomach also contains bacteria that help in breaking down the food. However, these bacteria are not classified as good; therefore, the bad bacteria could also harm the body and produce bad breath from the stomach problems.

Here are some of the possible sources of bad breath from the stomach:

Skipping Meals

Skipping a meal could cause the stomach to send the acid used for digestion back to the throat. When this occurs, the person could experience bad breath. Now, it is necessary not to skip meals because this will not just cause foul breath, it is also not a healthy habit.

Bacterial Issues

There are bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and one of these bacteria is Helicobacter Pylori. Imbalance bacteria can also trigger bad breath from stomach problems. When more bad bacteria are produced than the good ones, it could stay long in the stomach. This could then cause foul breath. This could be treated by consuming probiotic supplements such as yogurt or those found in a tablet form. These supplements are packed with good bacteria and they could aid in restoring the balance in the stomach.

Difficulties Digesting Food

Eating foods that are hard to digest also causes stomach problems, which could eventually lead to bad breath. This is because the food is undigested and it would go directly to the liver that could cause a not so good breath.

Heartburn and Acid reflux

Heartburn takes place because of the acid in the stomach. This could also cause foul breath because it flows up into the throat. This is also similar with acid reflux and can be caused by caffeinated drinks such as coffee and sodas.


Vomiting is the expulsion of material (food, stomach acid, etc.) from the stomach.  There can be many different factors affecting the body that would cause a person to throw up. When you’re done doing it you’re going to have bad breath.

Now, how do you rectify bad breath from the stomach? Check out some of these effective remedies to stop the problem:

Cayenne pepper- Cayenne pepper can effectively cure bad breath because it contains chemicals that can break down the many internal gastrointestinal chemicals that cause foul breath. Although, this remedy may not work for all individuals, this is still considered the fastest way to stop and prevent bad breath problems due to stomach upset.

Avoid skipping meals- It is necessary to avoid skipping meals because this could easily trigger acid reflux in the stomach. If you want to go on a diet, just minimize the serving of your food, but never skip meals. This is unhealthy, plus this could cause you bad breath when your stomach gets upset.

Avocados- Avocados are known to be rich with calorie content and low cholesterol levels. This fruit has been used to provide the skin with essential nutrients and vitamins, as well as treat some diseases such as stroke and psoriasis. It is necessary to add avocados in your daily diet so that you can improve your digestion. When you have a better digestion, you can keep your intestines clean. This will prevent any foul smell that could trigger bad breath.

Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar can also aid in the digestive process, so it is also an effective cure for halitosis. This is also applied by bad breath sufferers because it has a similar function with the stomach acid. If the body has insufficient amount of stomach acid, then digesting of food completely is not achieved. Consume a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to see best results.

These are some of the most popular and effective home remedies for bad breath from the stomach. It is vital to prevent any stomach problems so that you can be rest assured that you will not trigger bad breath. Home remedies are readily available at home and they are very safe, so start applying to cure and prevent bad breath.

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